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Sergei Rozhnov

Sergei Rozhnov Art Educator & Artist

Sergei Rozhnov has a truly impressive academic background. As an artist, Sergei has explored the world of Fundamental & Classical Art Education in the best Russian Institutions of Fine Arts.

He successfully studied in the Venezianov Professional Art School (1993-1998), where after his graduation he obtained the diploma of Art Educator.

Sergei then continued with his studies at the top & most prestigious Art University of the Russian Federation for Higher Professional Learning: “St. Petersburg State Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin”, and graduated with honors, specializing in Monument Painting (2000-2005, 2011). Under the guidance of prominent professors such as A. Mylnikov and S. Repin, and after an extensive 6 years program, he achieved a truly outstanding educational background and profound knowledge in Classical Arts. 

Sergei Rozhnov obtained excellent, very valuable & extensive practical working experience as an Art Educator. After his studies, he held the position of Senior Art Lecturer at the Department of Saint Petersburg State Academy of Art and Industry Design from 2011 to 2014.

Sergei immersed himself in the versatile styles and types of art & art life of St. Petersburg - the world of avant-garde, contemporary art & modern fashion & design. As a result, he became an expert artist in two main schools of art.

Sergey is a practicing artist with an established reputation of being an excellent classical painter, with solid academic knowledge, yet with his own very unique style.

Could the painter show the modern world from a contemporary art perspective without violating the time-honored, classical art? Without destroying the traditional academic excellency in painting, but rather perfecting it? Without simply imitating his predecessors, but reinventing style & painting techniques to reach the level of mastery of the great artists of the past but within the chosen modern domain? To achieve such great level of mastery, a painter must not only strive to perfect his style & methods, but also continuously push the limits of exploring his own uniqueness and innovativeness. Sergei’s extensive experiences helped him to successfully combine different styles, theories, and knowledge, and to be open-minded in his teaching approach and in creating his own and very unique style in painting.

Being an enthusiastic person, talented artist and a sports lover, Sergei is keen in discovering new ways of depicting modern sports in art. Currently, he is working on a serious of “Modern sports on Canvas” paintings, traveling and searching for colorful and energetic images of players around the world, both amateurs and professionals. Sergei is eager for new discoveries, trying to find what the modern sport players focus on - how their characters and emotions transform while playing. For Sergei, sports reveal a man's physical and psychological energy and beauty. The tensions and emotions of the players that he observes in the sports world are spill onto his canvases and are fully reflected in his paintings.

Travelling often and working in different countries, he was the main painter for almost three years for a private project in China, the Chateau Complex, earning the admiration of the owner of the Complex of Classical European Art and Architecture. It was a great challenge, working on murals and ceiling painting, covering thousands of square meters which gave him yet another practical experience on monumental painting.  

At the same time, he has exhibited his personal creative paintings in galleries across Europe, especially in France.

The creation of Sergei’s very own unique individualism in the world of art and his ability to reflect his vision of a spiritual world on canvas wows the hearts of art admirers. 

Click here to view his artworks.

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