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Our daughter has been in the Art Discovery class for the past year.  I must thank the teachers at Anastassia’s Art House for developing a love of art in our child.  She looks forward to going to art class every week and prides herself in the creative drawings she's completed in the class.  We love the friendly teachers and the staff as well." by Repulse Bay Student

“I signed my 4 year old daughter up to the Art Discovery classes this summer as she loved colouring in and drawing and I felt she would benefit from some formal experience. Nothing ever prepared me for the standard and variety of pieces she comes home with every week.  Not only is it artistic but it is also educational, relevant and she really enjoys it. If there are any budding artists out there I couldn't recommend these classes more." by Mel Miers

"I love Anastassia's Art House because I learned to draw and paint and it develops my skills in art. I love my teachers because they are fun and my favourite is to paint different pictures and places. I have a lot of fun every Thursday in my painting class." by Chamonix Orvay, 7 years old, student of Anastassia’s Art House
"Anastassia's Art House has an intensive approach in developing children's skill in arts and crafts and the teachers walk the students through step-by-step process ensuring that they do enjoy and have fun. This is a brilliant foundation for developing one's passion and showcasing their talent. The teachers and staff are knowledgeable, professional, warm and supportive. My daughter produced amazing oil paintings on canvas, water colours and drawings. She has been with the school since she was 4 years old and I am very proud of her growth with Anastassia's Art school." by Anna Treier, Director Sense of Touch Spas
"I signed my 3 year old daughter up for classes and not only did she love them but the pictures were so good they doubled at Christmas presents. This encouraged me to sign up for adult classes. Having not done art lessons since I was 10 and having never been any good, I thought it may be a waste of time. To date I've done two pieces I love and the teacher has been amazing. She is patient and encouraging. I even now sketch on my own at home!!!"  by Elissa Bucher, student of Anastassia’s Art House
"My older son is so proud of all his work. And it actually all looks really good! I can't wait for my younger son to turn 3 years old to join the class.
Thank goodness Anastassia's Art House is not arts and crafts class that seems to permeate HK in the name of art but a real introduction to painting. I really appreciate teaching the kids- following hand movements to draw and using, mixing, playing with water colours to create wonderful compositions." by Purushottam and Suvarna
"Both my children went to art class in Anastassia's Art House. I was very impressed with the professionalism and quality of their art teachers. They not only taught my children the technicalities and skills to art, they were also very encouraging. They have helped inculcate in my children a genuine interest for Art." by Karen


"We are new to ceramics, but have enjoyed the course very much, whether throwing pots or painting and finishing.  The exciting part is awaiting the transformation when the pot comes out of the kiln.  We recommend the course to anyone looking to do something a little different.

Anna has been very patient and hard working." by John and Krizia Gale, students of Anastassia’s Art House

"Jace, my girl started her painting class at art-house in Sai Kung when she was 3.  In the past years, she kept going on every Saturday morning.  She enjoys it a lot! 

Every time we went to the art-house, we could see the deep red painted wall which acts as a big thick frame which always framed the children in their current painting state. By looking through this big red frame, we could always see how concentrated Jace was on her piece of work.  This could always show us how much she enjoyed her classes.  She loves the atmosphere, there is a huge window with a glass entrance which always brings in sunlight to the room, warmth fills the room and we always could find smile on her face every time she finished her piece of painting.  She always looks forward for her painting class." by Ada Kwok

"I really enjoy my classes at Anastassia’s. They teach me wonderful experience, such as drawing the right way, or shading in the right tone at time. I also learn quite a lot by doing my clay classes. I can see, that now, my hands are getting stronger and stronger, every time I make another sculpture. The sculptures I make, get more beautiful and colourful every time. And trust me, when I first tried to make one, It fell apart as I was painting it. From my art lessons, I learned how to draw correctly and use the paints. In fact, Anastassia's art class was the first art class I had been to, that taught me how to use acrylic and oil paint. I really love Anastassia's art class, because they taught me so much, and everyone, who has a thirst to draw, completely has to join." by Varia Voloshina, student of Anastassia’s Art House

"Even though I knew how to draw rainbows and all that, I didn't know art. Anastassia's Art House really gave me an opportunity to learn real art. They taught me how to look at a perspective, colours to use and not use together and paint, and other techniques I may have never heard of....

And it's everything of a kid's dream: Non- strict teachers 
(sometimes with humour), and a combination from sketch to oil. You could also say some funny events every class......." by Rachel Lim, student of Anastassia’s Art House


What a better place to learn arts by qualified European art teachers, experienced in teaching young kids.  My daughter is always showing me her happy face and excitement of her new artwork every time I pick her up from class.  She’s always looking forward to her next class and will never want to drop it even she’s now packed with 9 different extra-curricular activities throughout the week.” By Florence
"Maelys has been loving the Anastassia's Art House since she started last summer. Now we have so many colourful paintings to hang on our office walls that we too are enjoying very much!" by Natsuko
 "I have attended this course for around 3 years and have learned much, particularly from the techniques and approach taken on the course. An investment of patience and effort is required - unless you have natural talent, which I don't - but is rewarded with steadily improving results.
Oksana is a skilled artist and teacher who enjoys the respect of her students.  She seems able to diagnose a student's drawing errors in a single glance." by John Gale, student of Anastassia’s Art House
"Come and join Anastassia 's art club. We do every kind of drawing and we learn every technique to become a great artist. You can have help if you desire to, but you are still the one who did the amazing drawing (painting) that hangs in your room. We all become friends and share our passion of art altogether." by Alisson Maitre, student of Anastassia’s Art House
"Thanks a lot for your excellence at teaching art in a fun, exciting and creative environment, where our daughter is discovering a real passion and pleasure to paint.
She just loves it!" by Maelys Morineaux' parents
"My daughter, Ella, who will soon turn 6, has been a student at Anastassia's many times over the past few years, both at Repulse Bay and the new, spacious Stanley art house.  Ella has enjoyed creating some gorgeous masterpieces.  Her paintings and art work dot the walls of our apartment in frames.  One in particular is just beautiful – it is a Japanese building with cherry blossoms dotting the tree next to it.  I am amazed by what she is able to produce with the patient guidance of your experienced staff.  I love the small class sizes, flexible schedules and age appropriate class groupings.  The projects are dynamic and full of colour – just like my daughter.  We are so lucky to have you on the south side of Hong Kong!" by Tammi Williams
"Thank you for having me at Anastassia's Art House! Now I am making a dog for art, I find in very hard but also fun, thank you Irina for helping me with making it look real and cool! I have enjoyed making a lot of stuff but the stuff I find quite hard are even better because then I learn new stuff. I have been at Anastassia's Art House for about 3-4 years, every year I have taken a little break, when I came back I was really happy... I had a new teacher, Irina. When I came to the new class I had a friend with me, Annemijn. First I was in Repulse Bay on Thursday, then I was in Repulse Bay on Saturday ( that was when I was with Annemijn), now I am in Stanley on Saturday still with Annemijn. So now I am almost finished painting my dog!" by Anouk Hekstra, 10 years old, student of Anastassia’s Art House
"My girl Sophie (4 yrs old) joined the weekend class since last summer. She enjoyed the class so much and she likes Ms Nahla who is a truly caring and charming instructor. We can see from Sophie has improved her painting and drawing skills a lot." by Pandora Ng
"My son has been enjoying his art classes with Rufina in the afternoons since last October. He has come home with some wonderful keep sakes for us and family. He is also enjoying drawing now! I would recommend the art house to friends without a doubt!" by Suzanne
 "I can't say enough of how the teachers have instilled such positive interest in art for my son. Especially Dimitry and Oksana. Very encouraging, patient and opened a new chapter in my son's life. We are so proud of our little artist! Thank you!" by Chris J.
 "Thank you very much for all the lovely time spent with the children! Here in return our testimonial for your new website: Since the very first lesson, Celeste and Camille fell in love with their art class! Dreaming about becoming an artist as much as their Grandma, they are so excited bringing home their masterpieces after each and every lesson. Mum and Dad are amazed about the variety of techniques the girls are exploring and the biggest compliments of all: Grandma is proud of them :-)!!!" by Karena Belin
 "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.

- William Arthur Ward. 

Thank you so much for helping my child with all of her work and the time Teacher Nahla in Anatassia's Art House spend with her. I would like to appreciate teacher Nahla for the hard effort you put in. Thank you so much!!" by Tiffany Shek


"Painting class at Anastassia's is always my son William's favourite after school activity." by Pauline


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